Why Create an Arts and Cultural Plan?

Creating an Arts and Cultural Plan is a planning strategy that can support community economic development, tourism, and quality of life goals. Working together, community and regional planners, town and city officials, arts and cultural councils, and citizens interested in growing the creative economy and celebrating the role that arts and culture plays in community vitality can:

      • Identify the businesses, individuals, non-profits, and academic organizations that contribute to the creative economy;

      • Collect data showing the role that creative industries, public art, and arts education play in engaging citizens and sustaining community vitality;

      • Explore collaborations and partnerships to share resources and ideas;

      • Include citizens in creating a plan that is unique to the needs and desires of their individual communities or regions.

PLEASE NOTE: This guide presumes that community administrators and policy makers have authorized the creation of an arts and cultural plan as part of its overall planning process, or have agreed to include a chapter in the city or town master plan. Creative Communities Network members are available to advise citizens, arts and cultural commissions, administrators and planners on how to work with town and city officials in this area. NH’s Master Plan Chapter RSA 674:2 (h) & (k) recognizes and allows a section on cultural and historical resources and community design to be included in municipal master plans. It is important to align with existing comprehensive, economic development, trails, open space and recreation, tourism, transportation, and sustainability plans in the community and region.